Home Treatment For Cold Sores

A home treatment for cold sores, according to the National Institutes of Health, is not recommended for all herpes patients. Nonetheless, a number of people have sought out and benefited from it, so it has its share of supporters and opponents. For those who support it, there are at least two good reasons. One of them is that it has been found to be effective in fewer than two-thirds of the cases of herpes outbreaks that occur among herpes patients.

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Most people think of home treatment for cold sores as some kind of herbal concoction or vitamin supplement. That isn’t exactly true, however. It’s true that home treatment can help. For example, tea tree oil, which comes from the tea tree plant, has been known to be helpful for sore throat. It might not be the best remedy when a person has a fever or a sore throat, but it can be effective for many types of ailments. It just takes some study to figure out how it works.

The reason that tea tree oil can be an effective home treatment for cold sores that work is because it helps to speed up the healing process. Tying up the fluid inside the blister will also help to speed up the healing process. And since a person who develops a cold sore in the lip can also get blisters on other parts of the body, they can benefit from applying the oil to those areas as well.

There are some home remedies that have proven to be even more effective than tea bags for cold sores. For instance, zinc supplements have been shown to reduce the amount of soreness in those who take them. Vitamins C and E also play a role in treating and preventing these blisters. Herbal teas have also been found to provide relief from these symptoms, but a person must drink the herbal tea in order for this remedy to work.

There is one natural remedy that people tend to forget about. This remedy actually comes from the fabric of animals, and it may just prove to be the best remedy for treating cold sores. People who have pets at home should place petroleum jelly over their sore and cover it with duct tape. The petroleum jelly will keep the virus at bay while the duct tape keeps the skin close to the area where the remedy is being used. Over time, the person should notice that there is less soreness coming from their pet. This remedy may not be as effective as using petroleum jelly, but it is certainly an effective one.

This natural remedy is called the Coconut Oil Cold Sore Remedy. All that is needed for people who want to try this treatment is to apply enough coconut oil to an affected area. Over time, the person should notice that the virus is going away, and they will start to notice a decrease in the amount of pain that they are experiencing. Coconut oil is a great addition to any remedy, because it contains all sorts of great nutrients.